Thursday, April 25


My fingers dance over the keys, slowing just a little at the right spots and accenting the odd note. Fast, lively music flows from the piano and I think I may have the piece just like Beethoven wanted it. Soon I'll be playing it for the recital, and I have it memorized. That's no problem. I just want to make sure I have the stylistic techniques right.

So I drop my hand just so into the accents and lift at the ends of phrases. Soon it's even sounding better than before. And now I see how much better it was than before. The joy of getting it right. I smile at my teacher's praise as she tells me what a good job I did, and listen when she comments on how to make it better. I'll work on that part a little extra when I practice.

I love playing the piano.

Making music is wonderful.

Monday, April 22

i'm sorry

I sit
at the computer
and stare
at the screen
my mind
seems to go
and it is
to think
of a good
post to
tell here
I know
you like
but I just posted
~The Elven-names~
and it's hard
for me to
I'm sorry
it's been so long
i'll try to
do better
but I can't