Friday, August 31

Story Contest

So... today I am trying a new sort of post....a Contest!

Write a short story set in medieval times and put it in the "comments" box. The contest will end on the first of October.

I can't wait to see all your stories, please do this!

Thursday, August 30


Random fact #1. I am extremely busy, especially since I started school on Monday.
Random fact #2. I have gotten several awards, which I will try to post. (eventually)
Random fact #3. My piano lessons are starting again in the middle of September! Yay!
Random fact #4. There is evidence of extremely advanced technology in ancient cultures.
Random fact #5. People want quizzes and/or contests. What are your ideas for things like that?
Random fact #6. That's enought random facts for today!

I borrowed your idea, Storyteller. Hope you don't mind!

Sunday, August 26

The Burglar, part 4

That night I got in the car with my roommate.

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously.

She smiled blankly. "We're going to the mall."

I frowned. That didn't seem to add up with what she had been saying about "having some fun." Well, I would see what was up.

We went into the mall and looked around. My roommate seemed especially interested in a few pieces of jewelery that were in a small package. After picking it up off of its hook, she sighed at the price and put it back.

We didn't buy anything. Driving back to the dorm, I wondered what that had all been about.

The next day I saw my friend wearing that same piece of jewelery that she had admired so.

I went up to her. "How did you get that?" I asked indignantly.

She smiled slyly.

Did you like this? Read the rest of it by clicking the labels "burglar"

Friday, August 24

I got an award!

I got the Charming award from Storyteller! So on to the Rules!
The Charming person is a person whose charm is evident in everywhere they go—in their blog posts, their replies, and their comments. They are always gracious and thinking of others.

Charming person rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to all of their blogs.

Thank you, Storyteller! (Rubberboot Girl, Dragonmaster)

2. What about yourself do you think is charming?

Well, I don't really know. That is a hard question! Maybe I try to be kind, but sometimes that's hard. (Especially around some of my siblings!)

3. What is your favorite thing about the person who gave you the award?
Storyteller is so awesome! The stories on the blogs are amazing, and Storyteller is so nice!

4. Nominate 1 person for this award. No tag backs. I.E=one person gives this to, say, somebody named Sally. Sally cannot retag the person, but the person who Sally gives the award to can reaward the person who gave it to Sally.
I say.... Jess!

 5. Answer the questions you were asked, then make up five more for the person you awarded.

These are the questions I was asked:
1) What is your favorite activity?
Reading, definitely.

2) What do you think of when you think of yourself?
I think of a shy girl who likes to read.

3) What is your favorite season?
I would say probably spring.

4) How old do you think I am?
I think you are 13.

5) In what kind of a house do you think I live?
I think you live in a fairly large house, a few miles out of a town. It is painted an unusual color.
Now, here's my questions.
1) Do you have any hobbies?
2) How old do you think I am?
3) What is your favorite type of weather?
4) Do you like to blog?
5) Do you have siblings?
(you do not have to answer these if you feel they intrude on your privacy)
And that's all!

Wednesday, August 22

Guess what kind of blogger I am!

Hey, I just saw this really fun quiz on Storyteller of Weston County. I took it and I am ...taa daa!... a Comfortable Blogger!

Click here to take the quiz yourself and see what type of blogger you are!

Sunday, August 19

I'm Back! and an award.

I'm sorry I've been gone so long! I feel like it's been ages!

On to business!  I got an award!
*The ones with this star in front of it are optional


1. Thank the person who awarded you and give links to all of their blogs

Thank you, Storyteller! (Dragonmaster, Rubberboot Girl)

*2. Give five random facts about yourself.
#1. I read a ton!
#2. I am the oldest child in a very large family.
#3. I eat ice cubes
#4. Playing the piano is awesome!
#5. I live on a ranch.

3. What is the favorite of your blogs?
I only have this one.

4. If you were a Dragonmaster, would you want to be the holder of a good or bad Dragonmaster medallion? (note: if this blog award gets passed around a lot, some of these questions maybe be confusing. Please go to Note I don't put a link, because if people copy and paste, the link won't be a link anymore.
I would want to be the holder of a good Dragonmaster medallion.

5. What color gem would you want on your Dragonmaster medallion?

6. What qualities do you think you possess that are Dragonmaster-like?
Um, I like to read? That's sort of like Alex.

7. What kind of dragon and what color would you want?
I would like a pink Frost dragon.

8. What kind of Dragonmaster weapon would you want?
I think I would like a bow.

9. What time period would you want to claim as a Dragonmaster?
Medieval or Modern. Different, huh, I know.

10. Would you want to be the only Dragonmaster in your family, or have had your parents have been Dragonmasters before you?
It would be fun to be the first Dragonmaster, but I would like to have one of my siblings be one too.

11. Make the people that you nominate aware of the award you have given them.

12. Nominate five people, or more, for this award.

Now the hard part!
#1. Laura and Catherine, with Dragons and Other Legends.
#2.Otter Days, with Otter Days.
#3. Madeline May, with Totally Me!
#4. Twilyte Ryder, with Twilyte Rider
#5. Jess, with My Collection of Stories.

Monday, August 13

A Flag to Follow

This is a hymn I really like the words to. They sound so adventurous!

I sought a flag to follow
A cause for which to stand,
I sought a valiant leader,
Who could my love command;
I sought a stirring challenge,
Some noble work to try,
To give my life fulfillment,
My dreams to satisfy.

I sought a ringing answer
For all my doubts inside
A torch of truth uplifted,
My searching steps to guide;
I sought a word of wisdom,
A true authority,
I sought to know life's purpose,
To solve its mystery.

I sought for satisfaction,
For yearnings deep withiin,
I sought for full deliverance
From chains of guilt and sin;
I sought for peace and pardon,
For freedom from my fears,
I sought a hope to cling to
Beyond these passing years.

I found them all in Jesus,
The Life, the Truth, the Way;
Beneath His flag I'll take my stand
And follow Him today.

By John W. Peterson

Thursday, August 9

The Burglar, Part 3

In college, I was studying to be a detective, of course. My roommate was the "perfect" person. She got all A's, she never went to parties, she did everything right. One time I asked her what she did for fun.

"Are you sure you want to know?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

I nodded. "Yeah, I want to know."

She shrugged. "Alright. You can come with me tonight; we'll have some fun."

So that night we went to her hangout. There were a bunch of people there, and some of them seemed a little strange. There was this one guy who wore completely black, and he had a bunch of tattoos. But I didn't really care. We played a few board games, which were fun, but not exactly what I had expected. Later, people began leaving, a few at a time. We left too, eventually.

Later I asked her about it. "Was that all?" I asked. "I had expected that you did something else."

She gave a mysterious smile. "You'll see, if you keep coming with me."

I went with her a lot after that, to a lot of places. To the mall, to the movies, places like that. Then one night, she came up to me and said: "Tonight's a big night. I trust you, and I think you're gonna like this."

I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen.

Missed out on what happened before? Read the beginning of the story on The Burglar, Parts 1 and 2.

Tuesday, August 7

Two Awards....Wow!

I just saw that I got two awards! So I'll do them one at a time.

The Creative Blog Award Rules:

#1. Thank the person who gave this award to you and leave a link. (Option: leave a link to all of their blogs.)

Thanks, Storyteller!

#2.What is your favorite blog design?
Umm, I'm not exactly sure what 'blog design' means.

#3.What is your favorite part about getting a blog award?
I like seeing that other people appreciate my blog.

#4.Who is the most active person on your blog?
That would be Storyteller, although Jess is a close second.

#5. What's your favorite blog?
Probably either Storyteller, Rubberboot girl, or Twilyte Ryder.

#6.What is your favorite blog out of your blogs?
Piano's Stories

#7. Award this to five people.

Ok, here goes.

Beautiful in God's Eyes, by Alexandra
Totally Me! by Madeline
*My Collection of Stories*, by Jess
Rubberboot Girl, by Storyteller
Twilyte Ryder, by Twilyte Ryder.

And now... the second award!

The Flexible Blog Award Rules:

#1. Thank the person who gave this award to you and leave link[s] to their blog[s].

Storyteller awarded me from Rubberboot Girl. Thank you so much! (Dragonmaster, Storyteller of Weston County)

#2. What do you like best about your own blog?

I like putting up stories and seeing how people like them.

#3. What do you like best about the blogs the person who gave you this blog has?

I like Storyteller's stories and seeing all the fun stuff is on the blogs.

#4. Who is the most active person on your blog?

Probably Storyteller, but Jess comments a lot, too.

#5. What is your favorite blog?

Probably Storyteller of Weston County or Rubberboot Girl, or Dragonmaster.

 #6.What is your favorite design? (swirls, lines, etc.)
I like flowers and swirls.

#7. What do you think the most flexible thing about your blog is?

Ummm, hard one. Maybe the continuing story that I put up, because anyone can write on it?

#8. Award five people this award.

Ok! Here they are:

The Story Club, by several people, but it's flexible!
Otter Days, by Otter Days
In the Middle, by Basset

And That's All Folks!

Monday, August 6

Colorful Blog Award!!

Hello, Everyone!

I just learned that I got an award!

So here's the Rules.

#1. Thank the person who gave this to you and leave a link. (unless you didn't want the award.)
Thanks Storyteller!

#2. Why did you get a blog?
I got a blog because one of my good friends got one, and it seemed like fun, so when I was invited to join a blog, I also made my own.

#3. What is your favorite animal.
Now for me, that's a hard question. I like horses, cows, dogs, cats, and (sometimes) chickens, but none of them are really my favorite animal.

#4. What inspired your blog template?
I just put together some of my favorite colors with a pretty background.

#5. What is/are your favorite colors?
Pink, purple, and blue.

#6. What is your favorite thing about your blog?
It's fun seeing my stories up there and seeing what people think about them. It's also fun to interact with friends.

#7. What's your favorite blog?
I think that my favorite blogs so far are Storyteller's blogs. But I also like Twilyte Ryder.

#8. Award five people this award.

OK, here goes.

Rubberboot Girl, by Storyteller
*My Collection of Stories* by Jess
Twilyte Ryder, by Twilyte Ryder
In The Words of Willow, by Willow
100% Bookworm, by Madeline.


The Burglar, Part 2

In my last post, I neglected to mention a few things. Among them, my name, (which I will reveal later for purposes of drama.) Actually, when I said no police officer has ever found my trail, that was not precicely true. Two police detectives have, but one of them doesn't count. That is because, although my profession is theft, my trade is dececting crime. Yes, you just read that right. I am a police detective and a burglar.

It all started when I was in school. My parents had named me Mortia Rea Combs, which I have no explanation for. I hated that name. My friends in school knew that, and when they learned that I read mystery books and nearly always had the crime figured out before the end of the book, they gave me the nickname Shirley. Say my nickname with my last name, and you'll figure it out. I liked figuring mysteries out, and I decided to become a dectective when I grew up.

Then... I went to college.

Saturday, August 4

Busy and Chickens

Hello everyone!

Next week I'm going to be really busy. I'll try to post as much as I can, but I might not be able to very much. So... On to another subject.

Have you ever encountered a chicken? They can be very fun to play with, but they can be a nuisance, too. On  my day to take care of ours, I have to make sure that they have water, make sure they have food, let them out of the chicken house,  and make sure that they realize the door is open! Also, we have this one hen who wants to hatch her eggs, and since our chicken house gets really hot, I have to take her off of her egg, carry her out of the house, avoiding her pecks the whole time, and get her over to the shade. Otherwise, she'll just go back in. On the other hand, it's fun gathering eggs, and when the chickens follow us around, sometimes it's pretty fun.

Well... That's all for now!

Friday, August 3

The Burglar, Part 1

I stood up. This would be an easy place. Swiftly putting on my gloves, I made sure that none of my skin was showing. I crept up to the front door of the house and turned the knob. Unlocked. Perfect. I crept inside. Soon I would be on my way to the stolen goods dealer.

As I had thought, the house was an easy deal. I was on my way in less than an hour, quicker than I had hoped for.

Did you just read that? Oh yes, you did. This is my personal confession. I am a burglar, by profession. Don't meddle with me. I have never been caught. I work alone. No police officer has ever found my trail yet. And this is my story.

*this is fictional. A real robber is not writing this blog.*

Thursday, August 2

Random Question #2

What sort of story do you like best? Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, Other?

Wednesday, August 1


When I see the sky, I can't help but be amazed at God's handiwork. Every day the clouds are different, but they're always pretty. Even when the sky is completely overcast, the clouds are beautiful. In a thunderstorm, have you ever noticed the amazing play of light and dark? When there are no clouds in the sky, it just doesn't seem quite the same. Take a look at the sky sometime, and think of God's glory.