Thursday, December 27

Entry for contest...

Hey, everyone, I'm sorry I missed Christmas. I hope all of you had a wonderful day!

This is a post to enter Storyteller's  book cover contest...I hope you will check it out. Anyway, here's the entry.

Thursday, December 13

long list of awards

So today I am catching up on my awards. I am afraid I have been neglecting them.

Sooo. Brittney Ann awarded me the Sunshine award! Thank you, Brittney!

And here are the rules:
1. Answer the 8 questions
2. Nominate 8 people (no tag-backs) and notify them on their blog
3. Either come up with your own 8 questions or reuse the ones you answered for your nominees to answer
Here are the questions Brittney asked me:

 1. What's your favorite kind of music?
I like Classical and Hymns, but some contemporary Christian artists have neat music too.

2. What are your favorite party games?
Let me see... Apples to Apples, Dutch Blitz, games like that.

3. What's your favorite holiday drink?
Hot Chocolate. =D\

4. What would you say is your worst fear?
Either being left behind in the Rapture...alright, BIG unreasonable fear, since I am a Christian...for more "normal" fears, heights.

5. What's your favorite hobby?
Reading, card making, knitting, friendship bracelet making.

6. Who's your favorite author?
Too many good ones to answer that.

7. Have you ever received any other Blogger awards?
Yes, tons, thanks to Storyteller, Brittney, The Keller Girls, and more!

8. What's your favorite climate?
I haven't experienced many....alright, probably somewhere where the mornings are crisp, not muggy, and cooler but not cold. And NOT TOO HUMID!!!!!

I think I will just ask the same questions I answered... less trouble that way....
 1. What's your favorite kind of music?
2. What are your favorite party games?
3. What's your favorite holiday drink?
4. What would you say is your worst fear?
5. What's your favorite hobby?
6. Who's your favorite author?
7. Have you ever received any other Blogger awards?
8. What's your favorite climate?

Now to award!

Jenny at Artsy Peacock
Otter Days, at Otter Days
Poem Girl, at Poetic Meditations
Rebekah, at Rebekah's Haven of Thought
Storyteller who is calling herself Piper, at Rubberboot Girl
The Keller Girls, at Three Girls and Their Hobbies
Maddie May, at Totally Me!
Sincerity, at Sincerity

And I got an award from The Keller Girls and Poem Girl! It's all about elevensies!
The Rules:
- If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.

- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.

- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.

- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.

- No tagging back.
11 random facts about me:
  1. I do not like random facts.
  2. Well, I like reading them.
  3. But it's hard to write them for me
  4. but questions are harder.
  5. I want to watch LOTR
  6. I have never watched it
  7. But I might be able to watch the Hobbit.
  8. Not tomorrow.
  9. If I get to watch it , it will probably be next week sometime.
  10. that's because our movie theater is in a small town.
  11. so we get our movies later than everyone else.

The Questions the Keller Girls asked me:
1.) What is your favorite book?
This is a very hard question, I assume you mean besides the Bible, and I have a LOT of books I really like.

2.) Tea or coffee?

3.)What is your favorite movie?
I don't know. I haven't watched very many.

4.) What is your favorite vacation spot?
The Virgin Islands in the Caribbean are very nice. So is the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

5.) What is your favorite part in Lord Of The Rings?
In the books, I like the part where the Ents meet Merry and Pippin. In the movies, I can't say. See random facts.

6.)Violin or piano?

7.) Board Games or Card Games?
Card Games

8.) Horses or cows?

9.) What is your favorite ice cream?

10.) Cats or dogs?

11.)Wildflowers or Roses?

Questions Poem Girl asked me:
1. What is your favorite Holiday movie?
I don't really know. I'm not sure I have watched a Holiday movie.
2.Would you rather have Zandra or Alex as a nick name for Alexandra?
3. Would you rather be in Cathrine's book or Ariella's Journal?
oooh, hard choice. Um, probably Cathrine's book.
4. Are you going to see the Hobbit in theaters?
Maybe. See random facts.
5. Do you like Lemonade or Limanade better?
6. Cupcakes or Muffins?
7. If you lived on lake would you canoe or paddle boat?
8. What are a few of your favorite books?
The Dragon Keeper series and the Chiril Chronicles, Lord Of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Kingdom Series and the Knights of Arrethtrae...
9. Flip Flops or Sandals in Summer?
10. Boots or or Slippers in Winter
Boots and Slippers!
11. Do you like quiz's or stories better?
Both are wonderful!
Now My questions to those I award:
  1. Have you watched the Lord Of The Rings?
  2. If so, did you like it, and what part did you like best?
  3. Are you looking forward to The Hobbit?
  4. Which one of my stories on this blog would you like to be in most?
  5. Would you prefer to live on an island or in the forest?
  6. Twix's or Snickers?
  7. Would you prefer to live in ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome?
  8. What sort of colors do you prefer, Bright or Pastel?
  9. Sneakers or Boots?
  10. Have you ever gone barefoot for a long period of time, both outside and in?
  11. If you had to choose, whould you prefer steel or plywood for walls? Drywall is not an option.

And now I have to decide who to award....

 Jenna, at A Beautiful Heart
Alexandra, at Beautiful in God's Eyes
Brittney Ann, at Daughter of The King
Hannah, at Neverland
Lindy, at Leave It To Lindy,
And I know that that is only five. If your name is not on  that list, and you would like this award, the first six commenters can have it.


Wednesday, December 12

Angels From the Realms of Glory

Angels from the realms of glory
Wing your flight o'er all the earth;
Ye who sang creation's story
Now proclaim Messiah's birth.

Come and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ,
The newborn King.

Shepherds in the fields abiding,
Watching o'er your flocks by night;
God with man is now residing
Yonder shines the infant light.


Sages leave your contemplations,
Brighter visions beam afar;
Seek the great Desire of Nations,
Ye have seen his natal star.


Saints, before the altar bending,
Watching long in hope and fear;
Suddenly the Lord, descending,
In His temple shall appear!

Come and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ,
The newborn King.

I just love this Christmas song!
What do you think of it?

i didn't say anything

Monday, December 10


Do you want a quiz? Really? Okay.
This quiz is to see which character you are. I selected four characters from different stories of mine: Anjulie and Jordyn from Brookflowing, Mallory from The Merrow, and Sarah Pearson aka Agent Bookworm from The Agent Files.

1. You are staying in a rustic seaside village, where the countryside is amazingly beautiful. You...
     A. Go to the attic of the house you are staying in and look at the view in rapture.
     B. Rush to the seaside and dance in the waves.
     C. Go exploring outside of town.
     D. Are more concerned with the person who rented the house to you. Strange things seem to be happening around him.

2. What sort of clothes would you like better?
    A. Nice, feminine clothes that are pretty and modest.
    B. Clothes that are good for activity.
    C. Stylish clothes and bright colors.
    D. It doesn't really matter, they just shouldn't attract notice.

3. What sort of books do you like to read?
    A. Books of lore and history.
    B. Adventure books.
    C. Romantic novels.
    D. Strategy books and thrillers.

4. If a mystery came up right at the same time as a chance to go on a grand adventure, what would you do?
    A. Stay at home and solve the mystery, obviously.
    B. Go on the adventure! You couldn't pass it up.
    C. The adventure looks a bit dangerous...probably stay at home.
    D. Go on the adventure, but write down all the clues to the mystery and work it out in your spare time.

5. You are at home by yourself when a gigantic thunderstorm comes up. You...
    A. Wrap a blanket around yourself and curl up with a good book.
    B. Go outside and sit in the storm. It's awesome!
    C. Stand at the window and watch the amazing lightning.
    D. Worry about a report you got just before the storm about a situation in the middle east.

Okay, so, if you got mostly A's you are Anjulie. B's are Jordyn, C's are Mallory, and D's are Sarah Pearson....aka Agent Bookworm. =D
If you are Anjulie take this prize!

If you are Jordyn take this prize!

If you are Mallory take this prize!

If you are Sarah take this prize!
I hope you liked it!

Wednesday, December 5

The Mystery, Part 3

Alec frowned. "You suspect the Inspector and the Police Chief?"
"I'd like them here as witnesses, Alec." J.R. looked sternly at him. "You should know I don't really suspect them." Alec nodded.

Ms. Twurthy tilted her head. "Who else are you inviting after the Police Chief and the Inspector?"

JR lifted her head. "One of them is Ms. Deggur."

The doctor rolled her eyes. "She should stop claiming to be your daughter--it wouldn't ever stand up in court! Why on earth are you inviting her?"

JR looked at the doctor steadily. "Although--as you most astutely observed, Doctor--her case would never stand up in court, she seems determined to prove otherwise. I need her here to rule her out as a witness."

Ms. Twurthy nodded in agreement. "That is a very good reason, indeed. Who are you inviting next?"

As the night wore on, it was revealed that those who were going to be invited were a rival author, Ms Tacee, who insisted that JR had stolen one of her manuscripts, Mr. Green, a former gardener who had been let go under suspicious circumstances, and Ms Paukett, who had been JR's former assistant, but had lied in order to get money from JR. They were all invited to the dinner on Friday night.

That day, the police chief called me into the office. "Inspector Combs, we have recieved an invitation to a dinner on Friday from the writer JR Peters. What do you think? Do you know anything about him?"
I nodded, but I didn't reveal that JR was a woman. "I know JR, and can assure you that he is completely trustworthy. I suppose he probably has a good reason for inviting us."
The chief smiled, slapping an envelope down on the table. "Well, it's settled then. We're going to a dinner on Friday."
As I left I frowned. What was this all about? Anyway, it was my chance.
Did this confuse you? Would you like to read more about it? You can read the beginning of this series by clicking the label "mystery" and the whole story by clicking the label "detectives" I hope you enjoy it!--PB

Friday, November 30

I was....

I was awarded the Scrumptious Blog award by Poem Girl! Thank you so much! You are so sweet!

The Rules:

1: When you receive the award you must post about it on your blog and leave a link to my blog.
2: Answer all the questions to the tag below.
3: Do not award anyone who has more than one hundred followers.
4: Come up with ten questions for the tag.
5: Keep your questions clean and refrain from using bad language.
6: Tag 5 to 10 people.
Poem Girl's questions:
1) What kind of house do you think I live in?

I really have no idea. Sometimes it seems like you ought to live in an enchanted castle somewhere, but I'm sure you live in a much more normal home.

2) What is your dream home?

A house, it doesn't have to be huge, but I would like it to have a tower room and a library.

3) Where in Europe would you like to travel?

Scotland, England, Ireland, France

4) Orange, Yellow, or Scarlet?


5) Would you like cherry blossoms on your house or hanging vines?

Oooooh, hard question! Probably both!

6) Do you like brick Fire places or stone ones?

Brick ones are very homey, but stone ones have more appeal, I think.

7) Would you like to live on a lake or in a vast forest?

On a lake.

8) Castle or Cottage?

Cottage, I think.

9) Do you like skating on ice or swimming in a pool

I like ice skating!!!

10) What do you think of when you see this picture?
Well, there's this book I read, and it has five stone pillar/island things, and that sort of looks like what I imagined them to look like. But it's a little different.
My Questions:
1. Do you like snow or rain better?
2. Would you rather live on a ranch or a farm?
3. Would you rather live in an enchanted castle or a cottage in a fairy forest?
4. Do you like books set in more modern times, or books set in ancient or older times?
5. Socks/slippers or barefoot?
6. Pink, Green, Yellow or Blue?
7. Are you musical in any way? (Singing, playing an instrument) If so, what is it?
8. Is this too many questions?
9. Do you like asking questions or answering them better?
10. Are you the quiet type, or the more outgoing type?
 Now to award....
Storyteller, of Rubberboot Girl
Madeline, of Instantly British
Sincerity, of Sincerity
Hannah, of In Neverland
Maddie May, of Totally Me!


Thursday, November 29

You people who asked for pictures are going to LOVE this!

I know. Totally random. But it is soooo cute! (a baby hedgehog, if you couldn't tell)
another one...
young badger and a it pup or kit?
Badger cubs...
Isn't this a pretty picture?
this is a miniature horse. we have one. his name is Goliath.
Isn't this fawn ADORABLE?
I know...switched subjects quickly...neat door, huh?
Into a secret forest..or garden..or something...
I wish I had a unicorn like this one!!!!!
A fairy glade...
a blue lotus...
Well I think I have enough pictures!