Wednesday, July 25

Continuing Story

Alright, I am going to start a continuing story. I'll start it, and then someone else can continue it by commenting. Stop when you get to an exciting part, for someone else to comment.

A shadow fell across my face. Who was there? I jumped back. Then I saw something
I would never forget...

your turn!


  1. brother with a clown hat on! I shook my head and realized that I was really the princess of Avalon (haha) ;). Just then......

  2. Mom came into the room. "Uh, oh" my brother said. He shoved the hat into my hands and ran out the door! Mom glared at me.

    "Mandy, what are you doing?" she asked.

    I gulped.

  3. "It's about time you get ready for that attack on the Shadow Clan," she told me, sifting through a pile of clothing sitting on my bed.

    "Mummm!" I groaned, flopping down on the covers.

    She glared at me, so I quickly got up and got ready. I got on my horse and assembled with the rest of the clan. As the princess, I would lead the charge. I would be one of the Avalon Keepers, after all, when I came of age. We started out towards one of the villages of the Shadow Clan. We were going through a valley when we heard the war cries of the Shadow Clan. I stopped the company and quietly peered over the hill. The clan was attacking a small house! I could faintly see a boy. He was going to need our help.

    "Get ready!" I commanded.

    Then we charged over the hill. I rode straight for the boy, picking him up on my horse and riding out of there as quickly as I could.

    "What's your name?" I asked him. "My name's Shara."

    "Hunter," he stuttered.

    1. "That was amazing how you picked me up."

      I grinned, although Hunter couldn't see it. I had practiced picking up people on horseback, since sometimes we had to.

      We rode over the hill and came to...