Monday, December 10


Do you want a quiz? Really? Okay.
This quiz is to see which character you are. I selected four characters from different stories of mine: Anjulie and Jordyn from Brookflowing, Mallory from The Merrow, and Sarah Pearson aka Agent Bookworm from The Agent Files.

1. You are staying in a rustic seaside village, where the countryside is amazingly beautiful. You...
     A. Go to the attic of the house you are staying in and look at the view in rapture.
     B. Rush to the seaside and dance in the waves.
     C. Go exploring outside of town.
     D. Are more concerned with the person who rented the house to you. Strange things seem to be happening around him.

2. What sort of clothes would you like better?
    A. Nice, feminine clothes that are pretty and modest.
    B. Clothes that are good for activity.
    C. Stylish clothes and bright colors.
    D. It doesn't really matter, they just shouldn't attract notice.

3. What sort of books do you like to read?
    A. Books of lore and history.
    B. Adventure books.
    C. Romantic novels.
    D. Strategy books and thrillers.

4. If a mystery came up right at the same time as a chance to go on a grand adventure, what would you do?
    A. Stay at home and solve the mystery, obviously.
    B. Go on the adventure! You couldn't pass it up.
    C. The adventure looks a bit dangerous...probably stay at home.
    D. Go on the adventure, but write down all the clues to the mystery and work it out in your spare time.

5. You are at home by yourself when a gigantic thunderstorm comes up. You...
    A. Wrap a blanket around yourself and curl up with a good book.
    B. Go outside and sit in the storm. It's awesome!
    C. Stand at the window and watch the amazing lightning.
    D. Worry about a report you got just before the storm about a situation in the middle east.

Okay, so, if you got mostly A's you are Anjulie. B's are Jordyn, C's are Mallory, and D's are Sarah Pearson....aka Agent Bookworm. =D
If you are Anjulie take this prize!

If you are Jordyn take this prize!

If you are Mallory take this prize!

If you are Sarah take this prize!
I hope you liked it!


  1. I was part Anjulie and part Jordyn, guess I belong in 'Brookflowing'! Really like the new blog design!

    1. Fun! I am Anjulie.

      Storyteller designed the blog for me.

    2. lol then why does it say that you did at the bottom? =D

      (I DID by the way... ;D)

    3. Ooops! I thought you had changed it!!!!

    4. lol apparently not... =P Thanks for changing it!! :)

  2. I love quizzes! :) I'm Jordyn with Mallory as a close second.