Thursday, September 26


I just wanted to say Thank you so much to Anna, who designed my blog. isn't it lovely?

So a  random person walks up to you and this conversation happens.

Person: You should never step on a crack in the sidewalk. EVER.

You: Umm....why not? And who are you?

Person: Never mind who I am. Once I stepped on a crack on the sidewalk, and the next thing that happened was that a car ran into me.

You: But that doesn't tell me why not to step on a crack in the sidewalk. And who are you?

Person: Just ask any one of these people going by. They will all tell you that it is bad to step on a crack in the sidewalk.

You: Why?

Person: Because it is. the random person dashes off down the sidewalk.

Now was the random person making a logical argument? Comment and tell me what you think, and i'll tell the answer in another post.

So long!



  1. No the argument was illogical, the person never gave a solid reason for it never stepping on a crack, the person alluded to a time where a car hit them...but that does not prove anything as I could say that I knew a person who'd stepped on a crack and nothing had ever happened.

  2. I don't think it was logical. The person didn't prove why it was bad. It was an interesting post, though.

    1. Good answer, and thanks for your thoughts!

  3. I'm gonna say he was being logical.
    Fun post!
    -Katy :)