Thursday, November 15

The Mystery, part 2

They gathered in the Library: The cook, Mr. Butler, his junior apprentice butler, Alec, Ms. Twurthy, the Doctor--and one other. J.R. Peters.

Dr. Cutless-Sawmore came in last. "Another break in?" she asked as she came in.

"Yes, Dr.Cutless," J.R. replied. "But I have a plan to figure out who it is."

Ms. Twurthy wrinkled her forehead. "J.R., who do you think it is?" she inquired.

J.R. pursed her lips. "I'm not sure. But there are only a few suspects in my mind--I've been narrowing them down."

Alec frowned. "I'll get 'em for you, boss!"

J.R. smiled. "That won't be necessary, Alec. I've decided to invite them to dinner."

The cook gasped. "Here?!?!"

"Yes," J. R. grinned. "You will be responsible for planning a menu which has all of their favorite dishes."

The cook shook her head darkly, muttering. "I don't suppose any of them like arsenic pie now, you think?" J.R. ignored her, but Ms. Twurthy frowned at the cook.

"Ms. Cooke!" She then turned to J.R. once more. "So who are you inviting?"

J.R. smiled. "Well, first, I would like to invite Police Chief Bhage--and the Inspector, Shirley Combs."

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