Tuesday, September 4

The Burglar, Part 5

Angela, (my roommate) smiled slyly. "You'll need to prove to me that I can trust you before I tell you."

I frowned. What could Angela mean? I tilted my head to the side, and used my reasoning skills to analyse this problem. Ohhhh. When Angela had looked at the package, she'd probably picked up two packs, and only put one back. I narrowed my eyes. "I know what you did."

Angela glanced at me with steely eyes. "Mortia Combs, you'll deeply regret it if you tell."

I looked at her. "Oh, I'm not going to tell. I want you to teach me how to do that."

And thus began my life of crime. Soon I was learning how to commit bigger thefts, advancing through the levels of burglary quickly.

Through it all, I was a beginner on the police force, and my superiors thought I was a very promising dectective. I finally changed my name, so I was actually Shirley Combs. Shirley was a much better name than Mortia.

Then one day, the ranking detective called me into her office.

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