Thursday, September 20

Artsy Award!

Yes...I know I know I know. I have been gone for ages! Since last Friday! And there is a reason...

random fact= Cows are not supposed to take 14 hours to trail eleven miles.

On to the real reason for this post!
I got an award! The Artsy Award! Thank you so much, Storyteller!

Anyway, so here are the rules.


1. Normally this is where it says "thank the person who gave you the award and leave a link to their blog etc. etc." Well, you can do that if you want. I mean, if you like the award and you're glad you got it and you can do that. Or you can just copy this and have people listen to me rambling. :)
Thank you...Storyteller!

2. Answer the five questions set out for you and make the next five questions for the people that you nominate.  So, if you get awarded, here are your five questions:

1) Would you rather listen to music or make the music?
both! yes!
2) If you must be forced, I always like to ask this question [just because I'm oh-so-curious] :)--anyway, so the question is, what is your favorite part about me? (I promise that's the last boring question) :P
I like your stories and your sweetness..
3) Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains?

Hmmm... probably the beach..I live pretty close to mountains

4) Tea or coffee?


5) Volleyball or basketball?


Now here's my questions for those I award to answer!
#1. What sort of book do you like best?
#2. Have you ever been somewhere exotic? (Like the caribbean or africa or any neat place like that) And if you have, where was it?
#3. Bread & Butter, Toast, or French Toast?
#4. Which school subject do you like best? (If you're not in school anymore, which subject did you like best?)
#5. Do you like my blog?

3. OK, so usually there's a "NO TAGBACKS" rule. I'm here to say that in #3 of this award you can tag or not tag or whatever you want to do. Agreed? Agreed. ;)

4. Award five people (at the least) or as many as you like this award.

Madeline@ Instantly British
Jenna@ A Beautiful Heart
The Keller Girls@ Three Girls And Their Hobbies
Madeline May@ Totally Me!
Storyteller@ Dragonmaster

5. Notify the people you awarded.

Will do!

That's all for now!


  1. Thanks, Piano!! =D (and you just provided my post for Dragonmaster haha) :)

  2. Where are our questions to answer? ;D

    1. OH MY I COMPLETELY FORGOT THOSE! I will put them on right away!

  3. Thanks! I'll try to post them soon. :D {I think I still have some awards to post!}