Thursday, September 13

The Burglar, Part 6

I went in and looked at her. "Yes, ma'am, what did you call me for?"

Detective Peters looked at me approvingly. "You've been doing very well, Ms. Combs. Your record is nearly spotless. But I see that there were a few cases that you could not find the answers for. Do you have anything to say about these?"

I looked down. I just hadn't been able to solve any of those cases where I knew I was the culprit. Strange, isn't it? But I had to answer Detective Peters.

"Yes, I know I didn't do such a good job on those cases. The clues all seemed to lead to dead ends."

She nodded slowly, a strange look in her eye. I wondered what that meant. Had she found out my secret?

"Mmhmm, I understand, and I know you will try to do better in future."

I nodded. "Yes, ma'am, I will."

I went out of the office, half afraid that she suspected something. She hadn't been on any of those cases, had she? Strange.

And that leads me up to the point where I began this confession. By now I was the best of burglars. I could commit a house burglary and be gone within thirty minutes. Before I had been cautious, but now I began to be a little bit bolder. I would do another one every couple of weeks.

As I drove up to the stolen goods dealer's place, I saw a person just standing across the street. I vaugely thought that I recognized the face just before I went into the building.

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  1. Are you going all the way to the court case?? :) I didn't realize you were actually doing THAT (ahem, ahem) :) until like right now. Way cool!!! I like your "picture" of Shirley Combs. Did you make it on PicMonkey? I recognize the font..... ;) Bye, my friend!!!! =D

    1. Yes, I did make it on PicMonkey.

      I wonder how long it will take to get to the end of this thing...

    2. What picture did you use? ;)

      It would be kind of cool if it just kept on going..... (and you skipped the prison scene haha) :)

    3. I used one I found on Google.

      You want me to just keep on going? Forever? =^0 JK

    4. What were your key words? ;D


    5. Oh, OK. ;D

      OK, so your thing about the quiz--it showed up on my dashboard, but it's not showing up on your blog...? What's with that?? Bye!!


    6. I accidently put it on before it was ready. I'm going to post it tomorrow. =D