Tuesday, February 26

~The Elven-names~ Announcements

Weneithel touched my arm. "We need to go now," she whispered gently but firmly. I let her steer me out the door and back to my room, where I lay on my bed and stared at the sky.

I had much to think about.

*   *   *
The next morning at breakfast I and Thoron were eating with Gilanna, when Glindur came in. He was one of the physicians of the elven-named, and was one of them who were taking care of Dad. He always seemed sort of cheerful, like there was sunshine in him always. But today he was a bit graver than normal.
Thoron looked at Glindur seriously. Thoron already seemed to be becoming and elven-lord in the few days we had been in the Forest Palace. "What is the news, Glindur?" he asked. "Something seems to weigh on your mind."
Glindur sighed. "Your father is getting worse again. I had had hopes yesterday, but today I don't know now."
Gilanna bit her lip. She looked at me despairingly, but I could not comfort her. I was near despair myself.
"I didn't cause it, did I?" I asked anxiously. "I didn't mean to disturb him too much."
Glindur looked at me strangely. "No," he said after a while, "I don't think you caused it. Something strange is at work here. But your visit brought him a good. Whether that good bears fruit remains to be seen."
As I was trying to figure out what he meant by that, Glindur turned to leave. I thought I heard him mutter, "Remorse will do him good. If he'll change his mind...."
What had he meant by that? Suddenly Gilanna started giggling. I stared at her. "What's so funny?"
She giggled again. "He-he sounded just like Gandalf!" she managed to say, before giggling giddily.
Thoron guffawed. "Ha! You're right, Gilanna!"
And then I saw the funny side of it. Glindur had! "And we were just sitting there, wondering what he meant, like--like the hobbits, or, or the dwarves!"
No doubt they thought we were crazy, as we just sat there laughing. But it was good to laugh again.
*   *   *
Later that morning I was wandering around the Forest Palace, since I didn't have anything to do. Even though I had been living in it for nearly a week, I still couldn't help but feel amazement at how it was constructed out of living trees. I was wandering down a hallway, not really looking where I was going, when I came face to face with the Keeper of the Legacy.
I backed up slightly in surprise. "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you," I apologiezed, and started to turn to leave, but he stopped me.
"No, Mirluin, I was hoping to see you today. Stay with me awhile." He smiled kindly, so as he continued walking I walked by his side.
After a little while I worked up enough courage to speak to him. "What were you wanting to talk to me about, sir?"
Pinned ImageHe sighed. "Ah, yes. That." He looked at me seriously. "Mirluin, you are the Keeper of the Lore. Have you learned our lore, and of our heritage, yet?"

I nodded. "I think so, sir. My mom's journal had a lot of that stuff in it."

"Yes," he mused, "but not all. You need the rest of your mother's research and papers. Her journal does not tell all."

"All the genealogies and stuff?" I asked doubtfully. I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to work through all that.

He nodded firmly. "Yes, the genealogies. There are many stories mixed in with them, and you will learn much about the Mormir." He straightened himself. "So. You and another will go and fetch your mother's documents today. And then you will study them until it is time for you to return to your school."

My heart sank. I had hoped that I wouldn't have to go back to school. "When do I need to return to my school?" I asked, hoping for later rather than sooner. My hopes were dashed when the Keeper spoke.

"You will return to your school on Monday, so you will have two and a half days to read your mother's things."

I sighed. "And who's going to help me get Mom's stuff?"

The Keeper smiled. "Mahtan." He must have seen my bewilderment. "You know him as Matt."



  1. A fantastic part, yet again! Poor Mir... I wouldn't want to go back to school if I went to the Forest Palace. Oh, and I had a feeling Matt wasn't Mahtan's real name. Yep, I was right :).
    Really, The Elven-Names should be made into a movie! Have you ever considered it?

    1. Well, not the movie part! =D And I'm not sure how exactly that would happen.

      Yeah, Matt was an elven-named too. But you don't know if he's eldarhin or not! ;^) you'll have to wait and see what happens!