Wednesday, February 13

~The Elven-names~ Missing

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I jumped as a knock sounded on the door and Weneithel entered. Her face was grave. "Mirluin. Your father has gone missing."
*  *  *

I stared at her. I couldn't hardly comprehend it. "Dad?" I asked at last. "Missing?"
Wen nodded. "Yes. We are organizing a search party."
I sank down on to the bed. "I want to go with you. I need to help find Dad."
Wen twisted her lip. "Well, you can't come with us like that. And tonight you will need to stay here with your brother and sister. If we haven't found him by tomorrow morning, you can come."
I began to protest, but Weneithel held up her hand. "No buts. If you want to help at all, you will stay here tonight."
I sighed. "Okay. But why can't I come with you like this?"
Wen looked at me seriously. "If there are any Mormir involved in this, if they see you in your regular attire, they will know you are an elven-named when you go back to school. If you have a disguise on, they may not recognize you when you go back. So when you come with us, you will need to dress like us."
Pinned ImageI looked down at my jeans and sweatshirt, and then at Wen's green dress and cloak. "Oh. I see."
Then I looked at Wen. "You think the Mormir might be involved?"
She nodded. "Yes. But it may also be that your father no longer wanted to stay here, and left. He knows much woodcraft from before."
At supper I saw Gilanna and Thoron. They were still a bit confused about everything. I was finally able to tell them everything. Gilanna was a little incredulous, but Thoron was enthusiastic.
"Awesome!" he cried. "I'm like part elf? this is so neat!" Then his jaw stiffened. "I will be a great hero. We will fight the Mormir together, sister!"