Thursday, February 28

Elven-Names quiz!!!!!!

1. You suddenly learn of a great task given to you. You...
   A. Think it must mean your older sister, not you!
   B. Know you are unqualified for such a task, and give it to the rightful person.
   C. After thinking about it for a while, you accept. You'll try to do it well.
   D. What! No way am I doing that!
2. In school, a rumor gets out that the most popular boy in school is your boyfriend. You...
   A. Are way too young for that sort of stuff!
   B. Wonder at all the nonsense.
   C. Are horrified. You DO NOT have a boyfriend!
   D. Bask in the attention.
3. If you got in an argument with your dad, what would you do?
   A. Feel bad about it, but you don't know how to resolve the conflict.
   B. Go to your dad and talk to him about your feelings.
   C. Try to be nice, but blow up at your dad after a while.
   D. Ignore him. He'll get over it.
4. Where would you like to live most?
   A. In a castle by the beach.
   B. In a forest.
   C. In a nice home on the edges of town.
   D. In a big city.
5. What book(s) of J.R.R. Tolkien's do you like best?
   A. The Hobbit.
   B. The Children of Hurin and/or the Silmarillion.
   C. The Lord of the Rings.
   D. Those books are waaay too long! I'll just watch the movies.
6. If someone was pointing a bow and arrow at you, what would you do?
   A. Bite your lip and look away.
   B. Laugh and push the arrow away. You know him!
   C. Stare at them in fear, then try to talk to them.
   D. Scream and faint.
7. If your friend went missing for a week, what would you do?
   A. Call the police.
   B. Enlist the help of trackers and organize a search party.
   C. Try to find her yourself.
   D. Worry about her, but are unsure what to do.
8. If a creepy girl threatened you, what would you do?
   A. Tell your big sister.
   B. Make up your mind that you'll have your bow and arrows ready all the time.
   C. Tell the person who is supposed to be making sure that you are alright.
   D. Call the police.
9. Which of these would you rather be doing?
   A. Playing a board game.
   B. Exploring in the forest.
   C. Reading.
   D. Doing your hair, texting your friends, stuff like that.
10. What sort of books do you like best?
      A. Books that aren't too scary and have happy endings.
      B. Adventure books.
      C. Books of lore and magical creatures.
      D. Romance.
And now for the results! If you have mostly A's, you are Gilanna, Mirluin's little sister! If you have mostly B's, you are Weneithel, the elven-named maiden who helps Mirluin at the Forest Palace. If you have mostly C's, you are Mirluin, the girl who finds out she is the Keeper of the Lore. If you have mostly D's, you are Heather, one of Mirluin's ordinary human friends at school. Please tell me who you are, and if you liked the quiz! =D
I'm Mirluin!


  1. Awesome quiz! I am Mirluin! Which is awesome because she's my favorite!

  2. Guess what, I got Mirluin too or should I say three lol!
    Your Friend

  3. I tied between Weneithel & Mirluin! Great quiz!!!

  4. Yes!! I'm Weneithel; my absolute favourite character (Apart from Mirluin, of course)! You're so good at making up quizzes! But I have to admit, it was REALLY hard to pick a favourite Tolkien book. :)

    1. Neat! Not many people are Weneithel. yeah, I know. I like a whole bunch of his work! =D