Wednesday, February 6

A Really Huge 100th Post.

Yes, this is my hundredth post. Yay! I've made it thus far!
I have to thank all of you guys who follow my blog and encourage me with your comments. =D

So, first of all I have to catch up with what I usually do Monday....

So this week we are doing ....

Nehemiah 9:5b-6.

Blessed be your glorious name, and may it be exalted above all blessing and praise. You alone are the LORD. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.

And moving on! I have a new....

~Elven-Names~ The Secret

I turned the page. And was swept into a world of adventure. It was all written here: Mom and Dad's quests, their fights with the Mormir...everything. I wish I could tell it all here, but it would be a whole book of its own.

As I flipped pages, I saw that Mom and Dad had gone on a lot of trips when I was just a baby, and before. But it didn't look like they had found anthing out. All of the quests just seemed to end with them fighting the Mormir and winning, but not gaining anything. Dad always was at Mom's side, protecting her. I sighed. I wished Dad was like that now.

One of the entries caught my eye.  Turan wanted to name our son Turin. I opposed him, for, although Turin was a mighty warrior, he had great troubles and his end was in darkness. Turan did not believe that the name would affect our son, but at last he relented, and so we named our son Thoron:eagle. May he rise above his troubles on eagle's wings!

There was one about Gilanna also, but it just said they named her "Star-gift".  And then, a few entries later, I saw my name.

I have already written how I chose Mirluin to be my sucessor as the Keeper of the Lore. I feel sure she will read my book someday, and I wish her to learn and know. Mirluin, if you are reading this, I am sure you are the Keeper of the Lore, or at least will be soon. Read and learn. I made a discovery just yesterday. Iluvatar does exist. I had thought him a myth of middle-earth, but He is real. He does not use Vala and Maia here on Earth, but interacts with men directly. Mirluin, you must heed my words. Only Iluvatar can aid you; you must seek Him. There is another Book, greater than mine. Read it. Discover His great gift to Men.

I turned the page.

Pinned ImageThere are, indeed, Hobbit-named people. And there may be men named in the middle-earth way, but these are harder to find, for they are nearly indistinguishable from ordinary men. I have never seen any dwarf-named. Indeed, how could there be any? For the dwarves had secret names, and none knew them save their family. So no one knows any true dwarf-names. And of other beings of which there may be named, I do not believe there are any. Indeed, who would name their child after an Orc? It is infathomable. And I am glad, because if there were Orc-named, it would go hard with Turan and I when we are searching.

I kept going forward, learning much, but never learning where the Elven-named came from. And then I came to a entry written hastily.

I have found it! I cannot say how here or how I learned, but I know where the Elven-named came from. And with it I have learned the secret of the Mormir, their power over us. It is the names. Names have a far greater power than any of us ever imagined. And now I am truly glad I did not name our son Turin, for it may have come to pass that the life of Turin was repeated. But I cannot write at length here. If the Mormir know I have learned, my life is in great peril. And Turan is not with me. I came alone.

That was at the bottom of the page, and I turned it quickly, to find nothing. The entries had ended. I turned back and looked at the date on the previous entry. It was the day before Mom had suddenly died.

I stood up; it seemed like I couldn't just sit there. It felt a little difficult to breathe. Now I knew this secret--this secret that Mom said put her in great peril. Would the Mormir be coming after me now?

I jumped as a knock sounded on the door and Weneithel entered. Her face was grave. "Mirluin. Your father has gone missing."

To be continued.

Yep. I bet you are really mad at me right now! haha. Anyway....I also have an award to get to.....

Thank you Hannah, for awarding me this!
The Rules:
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you left.
3. Ask 11 new questions for those who you nominate.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate.
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

My 11 facts:
1. I am (hopefully) going to act in a play.
2. This play is called Jack in the Beanstalk.
3. I am really excited for it!
4. Because I only get to act every two years, about.
5. Which is really sad, because I really like to act.
6. But I'm not as good at it as some people I know.
7. Because I don't have good enough expressions.
8. But I still like to act.
9. That last fact was almost the same as #5.
10. And all of these facts have been about acting.
11. And this is my last fact.

Hannah's 11 questions:

1: If you could go to one concert for free, who would you see?
Casting Crowns? But I've already done that with them...I don't really know who else, though.
2. If jelly stopped existing, how would you make a PB&J with something else as the J?
I don't use jelly anyway--I use honey. It's really great!
3. If you could go any one place, where would you go?
Israel or New Zealand.

4. What, if any, channels are you subscribed to on Youtube?
5. Chemistry or Physics?
Physics...if I have to.
6. Do you play in instrument? If so, what?
Yes. The piano-forte...=D
7. What's your favorite breakfast cereal?
Breakfast cereal? What's that? JK, but I don't have ever.
8. How do you like your eggs cooked? (If you're a vegetation, how do you like your tofu cooked?)
I like them scrambled or fried....but NO runny yolk! That stuff is gross!
9. Do you listen to music while you blog?
Not very often.
10. What was the title of your first blog post?
Welcome To My Blog!  pretty good title, right?
11. Why did you start blogging?
Because I had a friend who was blogging, and she invited me to contribute to a blog she made, and then I thought it would be fun to get my own blog. =D

The questions for those I nominate:
1. Do you eat meals with your family?
2. Are you musical in any way? If so, which?
3. Would you rather go somewhere where there's a forest, or an open plain?
4. What time period of history are you most interested in?
5. Do you like practical books better, or stories?
6. What do you think about creationism vs. evolution?
7. Do you ever have that annoying moment when you are sure you've seen this person before, but you can't remember where?
8. Would you like homemade bread or store-bought bread better?
9. Have you ever had homemade ice-cream?
10. Horses or cats?
11. Algebra or Geometry?

The people I nominate:
Jenna at A Beautiful Heart
Jenny at Artsy Peacock
Rebekah at Book Reviews by a Bookworm
Farm Girl at Corn in a Row
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And I will be working on notifying ...I might not get it all done in time, but I will notify everyone eventually.

And that concludes my 100th blog post!


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