Saturday, October 20

A Poem

This is a poem I wrote. Does it need a story?

"Fair sir, thou art far from home, I ween,

Wherefore art thou rushing, canst thou not have seen

The great fire that lights up the northern sky?

Surely you know to go on is to die?"


"Be quiet, thou varlet, and in haste let me go!

Thou'st never met villain, nor fought a dread foe.

I go to find him that hast set that great fire..

If I am too late, then knights are the squires.


For that is the work of an army, I trow,

And even now  brave men are fighting the foe.

'Tis fated that none will believe this dread fact,

Unless I come soon, and tell that one has broken the pact."


Then the peasant let knight go,  and onward he flew

Towards the great fire, and the cold night wind blew.

And the peasant, face ashen, returned to his home,

Where his family lay sleeping, unaware of this doom.


  1. Superb. Superbly written. And a superb story in it.

    1. Thanks! Should I write a story to go with it?

    2. You should add it to like Brookflowing or something. :)

    3. You think? I'll have to ponder that, hmmmm. Even if I don't put it in Brookflowing, I might put it in a sequel, or OH I just had an idea...

    4. I am going to put it in a story, but not as part of the'll have to wait and see!