Sunday, October 28

The Burglar, Part 10

I looked at Ms. Peters skeptically. "Yeah, right. You won't tell anyone? You're a police officer, remember?"

Jamie twisted her lips and raised one eyebrow. "You are a police officer. Look what you have done. And it would be a pity to have your rising career ended suddenly."

I grudgingly nodded. I couldn't deny that. "So. If you aren't going to turn me in, what's the catch?"

She looked me right in the eye. "You become the chief detective in my place and let me retire." Before I could say that that wasn't a catch at all, she continued. "And you give up your life of crime. Let Mortia Rea cease to exist."

I started. "How did you know my alias?"

She laughed. "It wasn't that hard. I learned of a Mortia from a stolen goods dealer. And your name used to be Mortia. With the way you've been acting, and when the unsolvable robberies have been happening, it wasn't too hard for me to figure out. But I don't think anyone else did."

I sighed. "I suppose I could do what you are asking. But what about the proof you have collected against me?"

Jamie smiled. "It's mostly in notes I took. I will destroy them all, if you agree."

I nodded. "Yes, I suppose I will. It might be nice to not be a member of the underworld anymore."
The next day we met and I signed a paper Jamie drew up  to confirm that I would do as she asked. It didn't say anything incriminating, just said that I agreed to do as she asked.
Then Jamie retired. She said that she had other things she dreamed of doing. And she recommended me for the place she was leaving. So I became the chief detective. Yes, really.
This is the end of the post series. I know. She didn't get justice. The story can't end there. I will begin a new post series soon, about this. It will be called The Mystery. Keep an eye out for it!
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