Tuesday, October 23

The Burglar, part 9

That Saturday was my day off, and I had a job in a town a few miles away planned for that evening. I ate supper quickly, gathered my tools, and got in the car.

I drove like I was just going for a trip...I had done this so many time it was instinct by now. I would shop at a store for a little while, then, after it was dark, I would go to the planned target. All seemed to be fine as I drove up to the store, but I couldn't shake an uneasy feeling I had. I looked around--nobody was following me. Believe me, I know what people who are following look like. I snorted. Nobody had ever found me out. Nobody ever would. I had too much experience with the other side. All this worrying was just nonsense.

At seven I drove to the park. I would stay here until it was totally dark, and most of the house lights were off.

At nine I closed my book and turned on the car. Mortia was on the prowl. My car was a silent type, but even so, I parked a block away. Pulling on my mask and gloves and grabbing my handy tool kit, I stealthily walked to the targeted house. I quickly picked the lock, then looked around. Seeing nobody, I slipped inside.

In half an hour I was walking back to the car. Suddenly I had the strong sensation that someone was watching me. I whirled around, tightening my grip on the things I was carrying. A figure stepped out of the shadows.

"So, Combs. It was you. I had hoped this wouldn't happen."

I knew I was holding my breath. My mouth went dry. This wasn't possible. No one could catch me. Hah! She couldn't see my face. I spoke in a feigned voice.

"What did you say?"

Officer Peters stepped forward. "Shirley, you can't fool me. I put a tracking device on your car."

I spoke through clenched teeth. "You better be careful, ma'am. I don't want to hurt you, but..." I fumbled in my pocket.

Detective Peters looked at me. "No, Shirley Combs. No. If you shoot me, all will be told. You will be recognized for the criminal you are." She paused for a minute. "If you will talk to me, that is not neccesarily the case."

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  1. Almost there..... almost there....... =D

    When does the shooting happen?!?! :)

    (because that's epic and everything....)

    1. The shooting? You mean the one in thirty years?

    2. Oh, yeah, right. =D (yeah that one.....)