Friday, October 19

There tolls the bell.....

Ding-dong! Donnng! Dlink! Dun dun dun dun dong! Yes, all those are sounds that real bells make. When you hear the word bells, what do you think of? Sleigh bells? Church bells? Cow bells? Those colorful bells that little kids play? (not to belittle those little bells..that's where I learned to love playing bells)

When I hear the word bells, I think of the sort of bells that you see in this picture>>. I am in a youth bell is so fun! I have the bells E6 and F6 and their respective sharps and flats, so I get to play a lot of the melody. Yesterday we met to practice and we learned a new song. In it we actually did make the bells make a sound sort of like "dlink!" I get to see a lot of friends at bell choir too. There's this one girl who is the highest in the choir. Yesterday she had eleven bells. And she's 12 years old. I don't have that hard of a job. I only have four most. That girl did an awesome job.

And at the other end of the scale... there are bells bigger than that one.<<.  I don't think I could play those. Well, at bell choir we are preparing for a concert in December. So I go away from bell choir with Christmas songs stuck in my head...but I'm ready for Christmas anyway....

Have any of you been in a bell choir?


  1. I've never been to a bell choir. I hadn't even known that there was one. Now I have bells ringing in my ears thinking about it! Beautiful bells!

    1. Yeah. Bell choir is really fun, and the bells are beautiful.