Monday, March 4

The Play

The lights are dim. You hear the distant rustle and murmur of the audience filling the auditorioum. You look at your script, reviewing your lines one more time. Your heart beats fast, and time seems to stop.

Then the crowd hushes. Goosebumps run up the back of your neck as you realize, it's about to start. For real. The director runs through the spiel about turning cell phones off.

And then... the piano starts to play a lively tune. The curtain rustles as it is drawn aside. The first actors are up on stage, starting the play, and you know it'll be your turn in a matter of moments. Although you did perfectly fine at the rehearsals, this is different. Your mouth turns dry, but you recover from your stage fright and walk in on cue.

You get through your lines just fine and do your motions just right. And, then you walk off stage. But it's not over. You have several more times to go back on. And now you are anticipating it. It's fun!

*   *   *
Acting. I just love it. And I am going to be in a play, hopefully. I am auditioning today, and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Do you like plays?