Friday, March 15

Apology and ~The Elven-names~ In Which Mirluin Reads Some More

So I know you have been wondering where I have been and why I haven't posted very much. Sorry about that. Last week I was doing the play. (btw, it was awesome. I was the lead role, and that's the first time I have EVER been the lead) This week I have been recovering from the play. Sorry i have been neglecting my blog.

And dun dun dun dun!!!!!! We have the new installment of The Elven-names!

~The Elven-names~
In Which Mirluin Reads Some More

I sighed. "And who's going to help me get Mom's stuff?"

The Keeper smiled. "Mahtan." He must have seen my bewilderment. "You know him as Matt."

*   *   *
 That was okay until we had both changed into normal human clothes and started into the forest. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered what had happened just before Dad tried to make us leave. Things were instantly awkward.
We walked in silence until we finally reached my house. Then Matt grinned. "Guess I'm finally gonna get to see the inside of your house."
I nodded, but didn't laugh. "I suppose so." I sighed. "Matt, are you going to go back to school when I do?"
He gave a puzzled frown and nodded. "Well, yeah. I am supposed to be watching out for you." He opened the back door of our house and held it open for me.
I smiled, remembering the first time he had held a door for me. He grinned mischievously, but didn't say anything, which I was glad for.
And then we were inside. Tears came to my eyes as the familiar four walls of home encircled me. Nice as the Forest Palace was, it just wasn't home.
I was brought back to reality by Matt, with some hesitation, clearing his throat. "Uh, weren't we supposed to be getting something?"
I sighed. "Yeah. It's in the attic, just this way." I led the way up the stairs and opened the attic door.
It was just like I had left it: the box open and the papers on the floor next to it. I knelt and began picking up papers, and Matt did the same.
As we worked I took a deep breath. "Matt, since you're going back to school too, I need to talk to you."
Matt glanced up quickly. He looked like he wanted to frown, but he quickly changed it to a teasing smile. "What?"
"Well," I paused, uncertain how to say it, "you need to watch out for me differently."
He tilted his head to one side. "Why? Do I not treat you well enough?"
I closed my eyes and shook my head. "NO, no, it's not that. You treat me fine, but, but, you need to talk to other people, too."
I saw a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. "Why?" he asked.
"Well, uh, uh," I could feel myself turning red, "people think I'm your...your...girlfriend." I spat the hated word out of my mouth.
Matt grinned from ear to ear. "So? You know you aren't." He began to chuckle. "I think it's pretty funny."
"MATT!!!" I protested. "It's not funny! And it isn't helping to protect me, if that's what you really want."
He stopped laughing. "How?" he asked. I could tell that he really meant it.
I sighed. "Before you came, people know me as Poor-Mir-who's-mom-died-when-she-was-ten. When we go back, I'll probably be known as Mir-who's-the-girlfriend-of-the-most-popular-boy-in-school-and-who-disappeared-for-a-week! And I want you to help me fade from notice."
He nodded. "Okay. So should I just ignore you?"
I gulped. That would be nice, but.... "No. That would just make things worse. Just treat other girls the same way, okay? That's the reason they started thinking things anyway--you didn't talk to anyone but me."
Matt sighed. "Alright, I'll try."
I smiled. "Good."
*   *   *
After we got back to the Forest Palace I took the papers and began to read. And I realized that there was much more than genealogies in them. I read thrilling stories of heroic adventure, tales of the founding of the havens, and the dark thread of the rise of the Mormir wove through it all. In the genealogies I found a list of the Keepers, and I set it aside for later. Maybe this would give me a clue about the Keeper of the Legacy's identity. But it could wait. Right now I was looking for things about the Mormir.
It turned out that the origins of the Mormir were cloudy, much like the origins of the Elven-Named. They (the Mormir) were a secret organization which had made the elven-named its target. When one of the Keepers of the Legacy (not the one I knew) founded the havens, the Mormir were set back a long way, but now they were regaining their power. Now hardly anywhere was safe from their arm, and they had started encroaching on the havens.
Reading and learning made the two days pass swiftly, and soon it was Monday morning.


  1. My heart was literally racing with anctipation of what's going to happen. This is SO intense!! :O I'm waiting on pins and needles to see what's next!!