Saturday, March 23

Dragonmaster Link-up #1

Name: Dragonmaster Elena
Weapon: Bow
Dragon: Sharine
Dragon Type: Frost
Color: Pale pink with purple wings
Notes: Both Dragonmaster and dragon are solitary

Dear Journal,
Today Sharine and I had a pleasure flight. Well, sort of, anyway. We just went up north to where Sharine is at home. The scenery was beautiful! We flew over the ocean, and there were icebergs. (Duh. That was a huge understatement.)

It's just so nice, flying with Sharine. The wind rushes through your hair, and you can see for miles. After a while above the ocean we turned and went above the artic tundra, which was nice. I don't like it quite as much as Sharine does, which is understandable, since it did use to be her home. We scared a couple of caribou. Some animals never do get used to dragons.

When I got tired of the tundra, we started for home. We live in a beautiful forest by ourselves. Ha, I suppose I'm sort of a hermit. But I have Sharine for company. And every once in a while things happen. Like soon I'm going to need to go meet with another Dragonmaster. (Those things are so annoying. But it is my duty, since I am a Dragonmaster. I have to help.)

Well, I will write more soon!

This is one of the icebergs we saw.
A caribou on the tundra
The forest where we live