Monday, March 11

Entry for Secret Story Contest

I am entering Storyteller's contest! You can enter too, by clicking -->here<--!

The Innocent book description: In a futuristic America, Lida is just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. She is taken care of by her parents, she goes to school, and she knows she will always be protected from harm. But then, by a chance discovery, Lida learns that the truth has been hidden from her all her life, and there are strange things going on. As she investigates, she realizes that there are certain scientists who, together with the government, have succeeded in cloning human beings. The clones are treated as non-humans and are used for experimental and medical purposes. But then she makes another discovery. Her parents are against this unethical practice, and they rescued Lida from one of the facilities and adopted her. She is a clone. Lida begins to work to fight for the clone's lives, but soon one of her opponents realizes who she is, and starts a hue and cry against her. Lida's work to save the innocents may result in the ending of her life as she knows it.



  1. Cool story & I love the book cover design!!

  2. Wow, you did a fantastic job! Absolutly brilliant. You should seriously think about writing this book... you know what I mean? Love it!!

  3. Very cool story idea! You should write it, and when you do, let me know so I can read it! :)

    1. thanks! We'll see. I don't know how good I am at writing thriller/suspense/mystery books, though. But maybe! =D