Monday, August 13

A Flag to Follow

This is a hymn I really like the words to. They sound so adventurous!

I sought a flag to follow
A cause for which to stand,
I sought a valiant leader,
Who could my love command;
I sought a stirring challenge,
Some noble work to try,
To give my life fulfillment,
My dreams to satisfy.

I sought a ringing answer
For all my doubts inside
A torch of truth uplifted,
My searching steps to guide;
I sought a word of wisdom,
A true authority,
I sought to know life's purpose,
To solve its mystery.

I sought for satisfaction,
For yearnings deep withiin,
I sought for full deliverance
From chains of guilt and sin;
I sought for peace and pardon,
For freedom from my fears,
I sought a hope to cling to
Beyond these passing years.

I found them all in Jesus,
The Life, the Truth, the Way;
Beneath His flag I'll take my stand
And follow Him today.

By John W. Peterson


  1. Cool! I love hymns. Have you visited Dragonmaster lately?

    1. Well, I did yesterday. I'm glad you like hymns. Would you like it if I did a "Hymn of the Week?"

    2. Oops haha =D Sorry, I just wanted to see what would happen if I didn't use my gmail account, and I knew that you would know it was me if I used Alex. ;)

    3. Yeah, I figured it was you. So I guess the Name/URL thing works.

    4. haha, Yeah, I was checking to see what it'd do if I did that! =D