Thursday, August 30


Random fact #1. I am extremely busy, especially since I started school on Monday.
Random fact #2. I have gotten several awards, which I will try to post. (eventually)
Random fact #3. My piano lessons are starting again in the middle of September! Yay!
Random fact #4. There is evidence of extremely advanced technology in ancient cultures.
Random fact #5. People want quizzes and/or contests. What are your ideas for things like that?
Random fact #6. That's enought random facts for today!

I borrowed your idea, Storyteller. Hope you don't mind!

1 comment:

  1. ;) Glad that your piano is starting back up!! =D I wish MY piano were going to start back up. *shrug* Anyway, to start a contest just start it and then say put your entry in the comment boxes (I would enter!! =D). For quizzes, just go to Storyteller and you'll see a few examples. ;) Later gator!