Tuesday, August 7

Two Awards....Wow!

I just saw that I got two awards! So I'll do them one at a time.

The Creative Blog Award Rules:

#1. Thank the person who gave this award to you and leave a link. (Option: leave a link to all of their blogs.)

Thanks, Storyteller!

#2.What is your favorite blog design?
Umm, I'm not exactly sure what 'blog design' means.

#3.What is your favorite part about getting a blog award?
I like seeing that other people appreciate my blog.

#4.Who is the most active person on your blog?
That would be Storyteller, although Jess is a close second.

#5. What's your favorite blog?
Probably either Storyteller, Rubberboot girl, or Twilyte Ryder.

#6.What is your favorite blog out of your blogs?
Piano's Stories

#7. Award this to five people.

Ok, here goes.

Beautiful in God's Eyes, by Alexandra
Totally Me! by Madeline
*My Collection of Stories*, by Jess
Rubberboot Girl, by Storyteller
Twilyte Ryder, by Twilyte Ryder.

And now... the second award!

The Flexible Blog Award Rules:

#1. Thank the person who gave this award to you and leave link[s] to their blog[s].

Storyteller awarded me from Rubberboot Girl. Thank you so much! (Dragonmaster, Storyteller of Weston County)

#2. What do you like best about your own blog?

I like putting up stories and seeing how people like them.

#3. What do you like best about the blogs the person who gave you this blog has?

I like Storyteller's stories and seeing all the fun stuff is on the blogs.

#4. Who is the most active person on your blog?

Probably Storyteller, but Jess comments a lot, too.

#5. What is your favorite blog?

Probably Storyteller of Weston County or Rubberboot Girl, or Dragonmaster.

 #6.What is your favorite design? (swirls, lines, etc.)
I like flowers and swirls.

#7. What do you think the most flexible thing about your blog is?

Ummm, hard one. Maybe the continuing story that I put up, because anyone can write on it?

#8. Award five people this award.

Ok! Here they are:

The Story Club, by several people, but it's flexible!
Otter Days, by Otter Days
In the Middle, by Basset

And That's All Folks!


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