Monday, August 6

The Burglar, Part 2

In my last post, I neglected to mention a few things. Among them, my name, (which I will reveal later for purposes of drama.) Actually, when I said no police officer has ever found my trail, that was not precicely true. Two police detectives have, but one of them doesn't count. That is because, although my profession is theft, my trade is dececting crime. Yes, you just read that right. I am a police detective and a burglar.

It all started when I was in school. My parents had named me Mortia Rea Combs, which I have no explanation for. I hated that name. My friends in school knew that, and when they learned that I read mystery books and nearly always had the crime figured out before the end of the book, they gave me the nickname Shirley. Say my nickname with my last name, and you'll figure it out. I liked figuring mysteries out, and I decided to become a dectective when I grew up.

Then... I went to college.

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