Sunday, August 19

I'm Back! and an award.

I'm sorry I've been gone so long! I feel like it's been ages!

On to business!  I got an award!
*The ones with this star in front of it are optional


1. Thank the person who awarded you and give links to all of their blogs

Thank you, Storyteller! (Dragonmaster, Rubberboot Girl)

*2. Give five random facts about yourself.
#1. I read a ton!
#2. I am the oldest child in a very large family.
#3. I eat ice cubes
#4. Playing the piano is awesome!
#5. I live on a ranch.

3. What is the favorite of your blogs?
I only have this one.

4. If you were a Dragonmaster, would you want to be the holder of a good or bad Dragonmaster medallion? (note: if this blog award gets passed around a lot, some of these questions maybe be confusing. Please go to Note I don't put a link, because if people copy and paste, the link won't be a link anymore.
I would want to be the holder of a good Dragonmaster medallion.

5. What color gem would you want on your Dragonmaster medallion?

6. What qualities do you think you possess that are Dragonmaster-like?
Um, I like to read? That's sort of like Alex.

7. What kind of dragon and what color would you want?
I would like a pink Frost dragon.

8. What kind of Dragonmaster weapon would you want?
I think I would like a bow.

9. What time period would you want to claim as a Dragonmaster?
Medieval or Modern. Different, huh, I know.

10. Would you want to be the only Dragonmaster in your family, or have had your parents have been Dragonmasters before you?
It would be fun to be the first Dragonmaster, but I would like to have one of my siblings be one too.

11. Make the people that you nominate aware of the award you have given them.

12. Nominate five people, or more, for this award.

Now the hard part!
#1. Laura and Catherine, with Dragons and Other Legends.
#2.Otter Days, with Otter Days.
#3. Madeline May, with Totally Me!
#4. Twilyte Ryder, with Twilyte Rider
#5. Jess, with My Collection of Stories.


  1. Hey, Piano! You have a blog award!! It's on Storyteller. ;)

  2. You won my "Mini Editor Contest"!! Come check it out on my blog :))