Monday, August 6

Colorful Blog Award!!

Hello, Everyone!

I just learned that I got an award!

So here's the Rules.

#1. Thank the person who gave this to you and leave a link. (unless you didn't want the award.)
Thanks Storyteller!

#2. Why did you get a blog?
I got a blog because one of my good friends got one, and it seemed like fun, so when I was invited to join a blog, I also made my own.

#3. What is your favorite animal.
Now for me, that's a hard question. I like horses, cows, dogs, cats, and (sometimes) chickens, but none of them are really my favorite animal.

#4. What inspired your blog template?
I just put together some of my favorite colors with a pretty background.

#5. What is/are your favorite colors?
Pink, purple, and blue.

#6. What is your favorite thing about your blog?
It's fun seeing my stories up there and seeing what people think about them. It's also fun to interact with friends.

#7. What's your favorite blog?
I think that my favorite blogs so far are Storyteller's blogs. But I also like Twilyte Ryder.

#8. Award five people this award.

OK, here goes.

Rubberboot Girl, by Storyteller
*My Collection of Stories* by Jess
Twilyte Ryder, by Twilyte Ryder
In The Words of Willow, by Willow
100% Bookworm, by Madeline.



  1. Aw, thanks! =D I've made some more awards. Keep lookin'...... ;)

  2. following <3