Thursday, January 31

~The Elven-names~ the story of Mirluin's mother.

I looked up at the Keeper of the Legacy. Right then, he looked very old. It seemed a great weight had fallen on his shoulders. He must have seen me looking, for he smiled sadly.

"Yes, Mirluin, such is the doom of the Keepers." he said quietly, in answer to my unspoken question. "But you will find help in your mother's diary."

I gazed at him in wonder as I realized that he knew so much more than I guessed. "Thank you," I whispered.

He nodded at me. "Go ahead. Go. Read. Discover. And learn how to preserve the people of the elven-names."

*   *   *
On the way back to my room, I asked Weneithel if she knew what the Keeper of the Legacy's name was. She shook her head slowly.
"No. All have forgotten it. He is the eldest of the elven-named, and has been the Keeper of the Legacy for over eighty years." A dreamy look came into her eyes, and she smiled. "It was different with your mother. All knew her name. Findulias! She was as beautiful, and as brave, as the elf-maiden she was named after. And Turan Faeron won her heart.
"The Faerons were one of the oldes families of the Elven-named. And Turan was the most like an elf-lord of them all. They were a wonderful pair; and after they were married they were always at each other's side. They went on many journeys together, and together they won many skirmishes with the Mormir. But alas that your mother had the short life of her namesake! After her death, your father changed." Weneithel looked at me gravely. "Turan Faeron is no longer the man he once was, Mirluin."
I nodded sadly. "I know. I wish he hadn't. He sounds wonderful, the way you describe him."
Weneithel sighed. "His name is Tur-ran. It means master of fire. Your father has a fire burning inside of him, but right now he is having trouble mastering it. Perhaps you will be able to help him, Mirluin."
*   *   *
I flopped down on my tree bed in my tree room, and opened Mom's journal. It opened to a page in the middle.

I feel compelled to name my first child Mirluin. I don't know why, but I feel she will be a huge factor in the battle that is sure to happen with the Mormir. And so I am naming her after the Legacy. Turan agrees with me, but I have not told him that she will be my successor. It doesn't really matter, anyway. It will be years before I need a successor.


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