Tuesday, January 15

Rambling about The Hobbit.

i watched The Hobbit. last saturday. yep. and you wonder why i am not using capitals. you see...it's because i wanted to confuse you.

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, it was different from the book, quite a bit, actually. But it was still awesome.

Just to let you know, I have not watched Lord Of The Rings. Which I might already have told you. Uh, yeah. Well. Anyway.
In the movie, Bilbo Baggins is sent on an adventure by Gandalf, with thirteen dwarves:
Yeah, that's them. I really liked the dwarves, they seemed very real. And very hilarious!
Anyway, the dwarves are trying to regain their home, the Lonely Mountain, and their gold, both of  which Smaug the dragon took from them....
And that wasn't the only difficulty... First trolls tried to eat them...
This is Bilbo trying to convince the trolls NOT to eat them.

This ^was one of my favorite parts. 
There was also Rivendell, crossing the mountains, fights with goblins, and a fight with Orcs. The fight with Orcs was not in the book, so I was a bit disappointed about that. And it ends before they have even gotten close to the Lonely Mountain. But it was still really great.
Really Great! 


  1. Yeah. :) "STOP IT! THOSE ARE MY MOTHER'S A HUNDRED YEAR OLD PLATES!!" =D *knowing look*

    1. lol *wink wink*

      That was a great scene too!

  2. Hahahaha great movie I must agree thought not much like the book they had to fill in a lot because they were making the movie a three parter and anyways it was still way awesome. Have you seen the trailer for the new movie called Epic? I really want to see that!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. yeah the movie was awesome.
      No I haven't seen that trailer what is the movie about?