Tuesday, January 29

~The Elven-names~ Great Responsiblity

After we entered the forest palace, I was taken to a sort of room. I sat there by myself, thinking. Then I remembered that i had Mom's journal in my pocket. I took it out and began to read where I had left off.

I have learned that there is an enemy, an organization which is determined to eliminate the people of the Elven-names. This organization's name is Mormir, the dark jewel. And so it is the blue jewel versus the dark jewel, the radiance the one emits versus the blackness of the other. This terrifies me, yet I have confidence that light, and purity, will win out. But only if drastic steps are taken against Mormir. But in order to fight them, I must learn the secrets, of both the Elven-named, and the Mormir. I am going to start on a quest...to find out the origins of the Elven-named. Turan is with me; he supports me being the Keeper of the Lore. And he will help me on my quest.

So Dad hadn't always been against the elven names. I wondered what Dad's name meant.Tur-ran. Now I wished I had read the Silmarillion a bit more; somewhere in it there was a elven-word dictionary thing. And what was that about the blue jewel versus the black jewel? Did Mom mean me?If she did, why was it me against the Mormir?

*   *   *
As I was thinking on this, Weneithel came in. "The Keeper of the Legacy would like to see you now, Mirluin," she said.
I rose and followed her to the place I had been in before, where the great chair was in the hall. The Keeper smiled as I came near. He stood, and came toward me. His hair was pure white, and he looked exceedingly old, but he moved with nobility, and not haltingly or with a cane. "Mirluin, I have something to show you now," he said. "You need to know of it, for now you are a Keeper, and few things of the Elven-Named can be hidden from you."
I nodded. This was overwhelming me--I didn't know what to do when he talked to me like that. I was just a kid! But now I was Keeper of the Lore, and I had to accept great responsibility.
The Keeper of the Legacy took me down a long path and into a chamber. On a pedestal there was laid a large, blue, jewel. It was shining with a light of its own, and was as big as a robin's egg. I sucked in my breath at the sight of it. It was beautiful.
The Keeper smiled as he saw my reaction. "This is Mirluin, the Legacy of the Elven-Named, Mirluin. Your mother named you after it, for reasons known to herself. In this jewel is the power of safe-keeping, and the Keeper of the Legacy has the responsibility of using it to the good of the havens of the Elven-Named. " He paused for a little while, then he looked at me gravely. "This is the responsibility of the Keeper of the Legacy. And your responsibility is just as great. You are the Keeper of the Lore. And the Keeper of the Lore's responsiblility is to keep the remembrance of who they are in the hearts of the Elven-Named. If either of the Keepers fail, the Elven-Named will cease to exist."
His words fell like doom in my ears. If I did not know who I was myself, how could I keep the remembrance of who we were in the hearts of the people of the Elven-Names?

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