Wednesday, January 16

~The Elven-names~ Obstacles

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I took the precious journal to my room and put it under my pillow. Then I went out into the living room, where Dad sat reading a book. I took a deep breath.

"Dad," I asked, "How come you and Mom named us elvish names?"

Dad looked up sharply. It seemed like his eyes tried to look right through me. "What do you mean, Mirluin?"

I tried again. "Well, I was up in the attic, looking at Mom's stuff, and there was this book that talked about elves and Elven-named people, and I was wondering if you knew anymore about it."

Dad frowned. "Mir, I don't want you going through your Mom's stuff. You stay out of the attic now, okay?"

"But, Dad," I protested.

"No buts," he interrupted. "Don't be looking through that box again."

I nodded slowly. Dad sort of smiled. "Now, why don't you go get Gilanna and start making lunch?"

I nodded once more.

Why didn't Dad want me looking at Mom's stuff?


  1. Oh, oh really your cruel I love this story and you hardly wrote anything at all keep writing please please please!
    Your Friend

    1. I will keep writing, never fear! =D

      Piano Bookworm

      P.S. Your name is Sarah??

  2. Maybe it's because she's an elf... haha... =D

    1. Maybe... you'll have to wait and see! =D