Sunday, January 20

~The Elven-names~ Perplexities

Dad was livid. As I approached him, I could see his jaw working. And his eyes? They were hard as flint. "Mirluin, who was that you were talking to?" His voice was calm and deadly.

"I don't know, Dad," I answered truthfully. "I was reading in the forest when I met him."

Dad's fists clenched. "You aren't telling me everything, Mirluin. You think I don't know an elven-named when I see one?"

At that my anger, which had been building up since that morning, just spilled over. "Dad," I cried passionately, "I can't tell an elven-named when I see one. And I am one! How come you didn't tell us who we are? How come you don't want me to look at Mom's stuff? Why?"

And before Dad could answer, I ran into the house and into my room, slamming the doors as I went. I flung myself onto my bed, sobbing.

And that's when it hit me. It almost seemed that my breath was knocked out of me by the realization. The Keeper of the Legacy had told me that the Keepers had to be eldarhin. I was a Keeper. To be an eldarhin, both of your parents had to be elven-named. Dad was elven-named? Then why was he so against them?