Tuesday, January 8

~The Elven-names~ The discovery

I was wandering aimlessly through the forest. I looked up, and before me stood two great trees, arching toward each other like a beautiful gateway. I felt something pulling me that way, and I stepped under the arch. I stopped, for now I heard the sound of voices. But they were not enemy voices. They were beautiful voices, and though they were speaking a strange language, I understood them.

I stepped forward silently, hoping that I would be able to see these people. And my hope was not unfounded. My eyes widened as I looked around a tree, for these were elves. Not the high elves, but forest elves. I listened to the conversation.

"Greenwood the Great is falling under a shadow," one of the elves said. He had a bow on his shoulder, and stood near the edge of a group.

"Aye, but would you have us join the dwarves?" another replied. "We have not had friendly relations with them for many lifetimes of men."

The one with a bow spoke again. "I do not forget our reasons to be unhappy with the dwarves. But I also know that they would make a terrible enemy, if they joined the black side." He raised his head. "But I must not tarry here. I am expected back soon." And he turned away from the group and walked quickly off through the forest.

The group of elves now was scattering, and one of the elves passed by where I stood. I went to him and asked him, "Who was that elf with the bow?"

He looked at me strangely. "Do you not know? He is the Elf-King's son. His name is Legolas."

Suddenly I began running, back the way I had came. I saw the tree archway ahead of me and I strove to reach it. But now the elf I had spoken to was pursuing me. I ran faster, and passed under the archway.

And then I woke up. It was with a jerk I realized what I had been dreaming about. Greenwood the Great, elves, dwarves,... Legolas?  I could understand dreaming about elves, with what I had been thinking of lately, but why on earth would I dream of Legolas? Evidently I had had my head too full of Tolkien recently. I had sat up reading the Silmarillion last night, after that strange day at school, and had fallen asleep before I was done.

It's Saturday, I realized suddenly. I grinned. I would be able to get some investigating done today.

After breakfast I went upstairs to the attic. There were some things of Mom's there, and I thought I might be able to find a clue to why she named us like she did, and why all these things were happening.

I was rummaging around in old boxes when I found that old chest thing. I opened it--and saw a stack of papers. The first one looked like it was a title page. It read:

The Lore of the Elven-Named.

I grinned, sat down, and started reading.