Tuesday, January 22

~The Elven-names~ Back to Normality.....or Not?

On Sunday I didn't read Mom's journal. I didn't think I could take any more discoveries just now. I spent the day thinking of my most recent one: Dad was an elven-named.

It was then I realized that I didn't know Dad's name. things that came in the mail were addressed to 'Mr. T. Faeron' or just 'Mr. Faeron'. His friends called Dad 'T'. Mom had called him that also. It's pretty sad, when you think about it. I didn't know my own dad's name. What did that say about our relationship? But I didn't know how to change things.
*   *   *
When I went back to school, it was really strange. So much had happened on the weekend that it was weird seeing everything going on like normal at school. And everything basically was normal. I could almost forget that I had been chosen Keeper of the Lore.
Between classes, when I went to my locker, my friend Heather was there.
"Did you hear, there's a new guy here today?" she asked. "He just switched schools--he used to go to the one across town."
"Oh, really?" I inquired. "I wonder why he did that?"
Heather shrugged. "I don't know. But he's a senior, and he's really handsome."
"Oh?" I asked again. Frankly, I couldn't care less. But Heather kept gushing.
"He's got wavy dark hair, and almost black eyes, and he's tall..."
I sighed. "I really  need to get to class, Heather," i said. She stopped talking, and I ran off to class.
*   *   *
I had almost forgotten the conversation by the time school ended. We didn't live far from the high school, so I always walked home. That day I was surprised by a boy opening the door for me as I went out.
I smiled gratefully at him. "Thank you!"
He nodded "You're welcome."  Then he smiled ruefully. "I suppose you don't know me. I just switched schools. My name's Matt."
I smiled politely. "That's nice. My name's--"
"Mirluin," he finished for me. I stared at him as we continued down the sidewalk.
"How did you know that?"
He looked straight ahead, his face straight. "Because you're so pretty."
I sucked in my breath, speechless with astonishment for a moment. Then I was furious. I turned to him. "I don't even know you!!" I spit out. "Do you al--"
I was going to finish my sentence, but Matt grinned. My jaw dropped open and I took a step backward in surprise.
"You're--you're Archer!" I stammered.


  1. Hahaha well that's interesting. Say what's with Fredegar though we need to know more about him.

    1. He'll come back into the story when it's time... =D

  2. *laughs* haha *I burst out laughing* bahahahah *laughs some more* bahahahahahahahahahahaha Man that was funny! Sorry. =P I guess I'm kind of weird...... =D

    1. Good! I was imagining it like I was seeing it in a movie, and it was really funny! =D